Big Data , Data Virtualization, and Machine Learning

Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Virtualization and Visualization – Adaptive Technologies

Adaptive Technologies (AT) are no longer relegated to internal labs, Incubators, and R&D groups. Everyday real companies are making substantial progress in implementing AT and realizing sustainable benefits. Microsoft, IBM, Google, Amazon and others are providing tools to support AT.  ePeritium uses these technologies to overcome the single most important aspect of any modern business problem – How to make sense of mass amounts of data? Taking the sheer volume of data and transforming it into autonomous actionable knowledge (AAK). 

ePeritium focuses on the most difficult industry challenges facing our customers by combining and leveraging AT to offer cost-effective solutions that solve their business problems. Moreover, ePeritium can take AAK into the realm of prediction and situational awareness by wrapping business responses around detected patterns. Application and/or investigation areas included, but not limited to the following:

  1. Intelligent Cities
  2. Merger & Acquisitions
  3. Intelligent Factories
  4. Smart Marketing
  5. Responsive Supply Chain Management
  6. Military

Interested in learning more about ePeritium’s Adaptive Technologies (AT) and how these technologies could support your organization’s Growth Strategies, Client Engagement, Pinpoint Markets (or Micro-markets), Control Supply Chain Anomalies, Automated Market Responses, and Conduct Data Investigation and Research. Ask us how!

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