Adaptive Enterprise Architecture

Adaptive Enterprise Architecture

In the past, Enterprise Architecture was a systematic approach used to identify new business requirements and determine what technology is needed to align IT to those goals and objectives. However, in today’s world of continuous transformation a new approach is needed.  Adaptive Enterprise Architecture is not focused on business requirements alone, rather it enables a business to be disruptive and innovative by designing and building a platform that is flexible, scalable and adapts to change using various technologies assisted by combining intelligent microservices, smart user workflows, big data, data virtualization, machine learning, etc. to create transformation in real time. We use our expertise to guide our clients through the planning, design and implementation of a continuous technology innovation process. We assess your existing infrastructure, then determine the technologies needed to future proof your enterprise. This will allow you to engage with customers, suppliers, and employees in ways that were not previously possible. In addition, we bring a holistic approach to help you analyze your business strategy, value drivers, and business capabilities to design your unique connected digital enterprise. From there, we’ll determine what microservices, virtualized data, Big Data/Data lake and other capabilities are needed to support your new business model.

Areas of Focus

The creation of an adaptive business is a journey, therefore, we focus our activities and expertise on enhancing  factors that drive the continuous change dynamic:


  • Analyze the business’s strategy, industry, goals and objectives
  • Review the value drivers and core competencies of the business, map then model the differentiating capabilities
  • Determine what new architectures (application, information, and technology) support the new capabilities
  • Design the Intelligent Digital Platform to Maximum your Business’s Flexibly
  • Create the data lake to store the data
  • Build the capture process to collect the ecosystem (social, economic, etc) data
  • Design the machine learning algorithms
  • Train the model
  • Develop the intelligent microservices



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